Melbourne-based visual artist and jeweller Aimee Fairman sculpts crystalline and geological forms to produce earrings and pendants that resemble the magical effect of growth, fusion and metamorphism.” – National Gallery of Victoria, 2016.

Aimee’s “Geo-Alchemy” jewellery collections form just one arm of her established visual arts practice, that spans multi-sensory immersive installation, kinetic sculpture and photography. Centered around ideas of neo-romanticism and the psychology of landscape, Fairman’s practice addresses questions of the ecologies of our inner and outer worlds.

Through both ephemeral site-specific research projects, gallery-based installation and jewellery, Fairman’s practice considers ideas of the simulacra to explore the shifts in territory between the virtual and real, actual and pictorial, organic and artifice.

“ Fairman’s continuing interest is in the relationship of how culture informs our understanding of nature. Process has been a consistent tool in her method of production that enables her to question how our human presence affects the planet, how in recognising its fragility we recognise our own.” - Dr. David Thomas, 2008.

Her jewellery work began in 2014 as a direct by-product of her Lithocardites sculpture series – where the first Heartstone Pendant was born, a piece inspired by ideas of ontogenesis. Interested in the junctures between body and land - emotional landscapes and how one might map a cartography of feeling – Fairman’s talismanic Heartstone became a meditation on ideas of calcified life; mineralised being in suspended animation. 

Drawing on the thematic drivers and technical methodology in her visual arts practice, Fairman extended her jewellery exploration into earrings to present wearable art pieces imbued with symbolism.

Fairman’s examination of the simulacra is evident in even the smallest of her jewellery pieces. The forms evoke notions of replication of a naturalist geography, whilst upon closer inspection, the hybrid colour palette and alchemical infusions allow Fairman to “paint” enclosed, miniaturised environments of phenomena.

Each piece of the Fairman’s resin jewellery range is personally hand-sculpted, then individually hand-cast in carefully curated colours. Fairman’s extensive experience as a sculptor and installation artist is distilled into each of her exquisitely detailed, one-of-a-kind resin pieces.

Fairman’s jewellery has been showcased at the National Gallery of Victoria design store since 2016.

In 2017 Fairman was commissioned by the NGV design store to create the Auroral Collar, a one-of-a-kind statement neckpiece. Her most ambitious wearable commission to date, the Auroral Collar showcases Fairman’s enigmatic colour curation, her versatility in working in new materials, and her ability to engineer sizeable wearable works that are both elegant and robust. The piece was sold to US collectors in February 2018.

Fairman completed her Masters of Fine Art at RMIT in 2007. In 2008, Fairman was awarded the first inaugural RMIT/AIR-Krems artist residency at the Kunstmeile Krems, Austria. In 2009 a further residency was awarded by Kultur Service Steiermark at the Rondo Kunstlerateliers in Graz Austria. She has exhibited actively nationally and internationally, undertaken commissioned public installation projects for Melbourne Fringe and Gertrude Street Projection Festival, and gained representation with commercial gallery Beam Contemporary (2011-2014).